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How to index website on Google

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  • 09-Jun-2023
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Nowadays earning online is very common. Creating your own website and

earning through it is one of those ways. Whether you are Blogger, content writer or doing any online business you always want your website to rank on top of the lists in Google search.

But when someone is beginner in this field then he/she faces many challenges. Because work doesn’t end with creating website, but actually the main task starts from here. So, once you have done with creation of website follow these steps to get your website rank in Google search.

  1. 1. Create google search console account.Google Search Consol
  3. 2. Add you website url in google search console
  5. 3. Submit your robots.txt file in root folder of your website. You can see robots.txt of your website by typing your website url followed by robots.txt like
  7. 4. It should be look like this:  
  10. 5. Create sitemap.xml file from sitemap creating website and  download it.
  12. 6. Submit your sitemap.xml file in root folder of your website.
  14. 7. Submit the same sitemap.xml file in google search console.
  17. 8. You can see your sitemap.xml by typing your website url followed by sitemap.xml like this:
  19. 9. Check your different urls of your website that they are indexed in  Google or not by typing whole url in Google Search  Console  Search bar.
  22. 10. If It is not indexed, Request Google for indexing by clicking on REQUEST INDEXING
  25. 11. Check your all indexed pages on clicking Pages.
  28. 12. You can also check your performce of the website by clicking on Performance

NOTE:- The Above process is for non wordpress, custom websites where you have created your website from scratch with development process.



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