How to become a Data Analyst After 12th In India

  • Business and Management
  • SQL, data cleaning, Excel, machine learning basics, domain knowledge, critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving, attention to detail, time management.
  • 10-Oct-2023
  • ₹ 250000
  • ₹ 400000

A data analyst is a professional who collects, processes, and analyzes data to extract meaningful insights and inform decision-making. Their role involves wo...

How to become a Managerial Consultant After 12th In India

  • Business and Management
  • Analytical Thinking,Strategic Planning,Problem Solving,Project Management and Industry Knowledge.
  • 10-Oct-2023
  • ₹ 200000
  • ₹ 330000

A managerial consultant is an experienced professional who provides strategic advice and guidance to organizations to enhance their operational efficiency, s...

How to become a Business Analyst After 12th In India

  • Business and Management
  • Analytical Thinking,Problem Solving,Business Process Understanding,Technical Proficiency and Data Analysis.
  • 10-Oct-2023
  • ₹ 500000
  • ₹ 700000

A business analyst is a professional who identifies business needs and problems, analyzes data, and provides actionable recommendations to improve processes,...

How to become a business administrator after 12th in india

  • Business and Management
  • Critical Thinking,Communication,Analytical Skills,Computer Proficiency and Financial Literacy.
  • 10-Oct-2023
  • ₹ 1000000
  • ₹ 165000

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on various aspects of business management, including marketing, f...

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